Medieval building technology, which is now experiencing a rebirth. Elegant houses with a frame made of laminated veneer lumber, panoramic glazing and the absence of load-bearing walls. Robust and lightweight design that allows you to freely change the interior layout. Looks unusual, rich and tasteful.

What is the peculiarity of the half-timbered technology

- There are no load-bearing walls , which immediately significantly increases the internal space and the possibility of its use.
- Strong frame made of glued laminated timber of low humidity , made of horizontal, vertical and inclined elements connected together.
- Almost zero shrinkage makes it possible to install frameless windows from floor to ceiling.
- Low weight allows the use of a lightweight foundation.
- The outer part of the frame is visible from the outside , which makes the houses recognizable.

It was built according to this scheme in medieval Europe. Modern technology has brought this idea back to life. Now, instead of stone, brick and mortar, we use glass, insulation boards and screw piles.
But the essence remains the same - simplicity, beauty and convenience.

Why exactly half-timbered houses

People living in the houses we built have highlighted the following advantages of the half-timbered technology:

- half-timbered houses are significantly cheaper than classic houses made of glued beams, because here only the frame is made of expensive beams;
- frameless panoramic glazing gives an elegant appearance, while the glass is tempered and especially durable, there is no need to fear that it will crack or break, and the external reflective coating does not allow you to see what is inside;
- a double-glazed window filled with an inert gas has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, keeps it cool in the summer heat, and does not allow it to quickly lose heat in winter;
- excellent sound insulation;
- half-timbered house - a lightweight structure, for which in most cases a screw foundation is suitable, which is much cheaper than pouring a monolithic slab;
- houses using half-timbered technology are quickly erected, construction can be carried out all year round;
- modern materials make the atmosphere inside the house calm and comfortable;
- the absence of load-bearing walls and massive partitions allows you to fully use the internal space and change the situation at your discretion;
- the service life of such houses exceeds 100 years, and in Europe there are many buildings erected in the Middle Ages;
- the house is easy to maintain, maintain, carry out scheduled repairs.

Building a house step by step

It may take only two months from the idea of building a dream house to its implementation, but they are broken down into several mandatory steps:
- we must understand which house you want to live in, so everything starts with the development of an individual project, taking into account your wishes;
- then an estimate is drawn up, agreed with you, an agreement is signed;
- technical documentation goes to our production, where an individual kit is made specifically for your home;
- the foundation is being installed;
- the frame is erected from high-strength glued beams;
- all general construction work and the laying of engineering networks are carried out;
- finishing is done on a turnkey basis.

If you want, we can conclude a contract with you for routine maintenance and planned home repairs.

Why exactly half-timbered houses

We offer more favorable terms than our business colleagues. What's the secret? And it is simple:
- we have our own production of laminated veneer lumber and independently carry out all operations from timber harvesting to receiving the finished product, so you do not have to overpay to intermediaries;
- we control the quality at every stage of the technological process, which means we guarantee the quality of the half-timbered house built;
- we have the opportunity to purchase materials for the construction and decoration of a house directly from their manufacturers at the lowest selling price;
- our builders-assemblers have extensive experience, so they do their job quickly and efficiently.
These small advantages, added together, lead to the fact that we can build your half-timbered house for less.

Making any dream come true starts with one small step. Make it - call us.