Why is it better to protect the timber with compounds in production?

Under the influence of moisture and ultraviolet light, the wood is gradually destroyed. That is why wooden houses need to be painted outside and inside. Standard painting on a construction site depends on weather conditions, wind and rain can delay the process, while painting in production guarantees quickness and 100% adherence to the painting process.

  • Maximum beam length: 12 m.
  • Maximum cross-section: 290x360 (WxH)

Technological processes for painting a bar at the facility :

  • The timber is 100% sanded to white, thereby removing the entire top layer of oxidized wood
  • Antiseptic and primer are applied
  • 2-3 layers of paint are applied

Technological processes for painting timber in production :

  • The bar does not need sanding! The compositions are applied immediately after the gouging stage, on clean freshly planed wood;
  • Colored primer is applied on both sides;
  • At the facility, layers of paint are applied immediately on the factory primer

The advantages of painting a bar in production:

  • Painted house outside and inside in any season!
  • When the timber shrinks, there are no visible non-paints, because timber in production is painted from all sides.
  • The tree is protected for the entire construction period and preserved for a long time.
  • Guarantee of full compliance with the technology of applying wood protective compounds in production conditions.
  • Increased service life of the colored coating on the timber, due to the high adhesion of the collectible impregnation with freshly planed wood.
  • The finishing of the house on the site is performed faster, because it is enough to apply a layer of paint again, eliminating the stages of grinding and priming.
  • Substantial financial savings, because all the walls in the house are painted at once! In the long term, the client does not pay for the painting inside.
  • Additional painting is excluded - which again leads to significant savings, and also improves the appearance: after all, the chamfers and edges of the laminated veneer lumber remain in their original form and do not deteriorate

Our clients receive aesthetically beautiful houses even in winter!


We use SHERWIN WILLIAMS tinted impregnation (made in Sweden) to paint the timber.
It is a versatile 3-in-1 tinting compound, used as a primer, intermediate and topcoat for exterior wood structures requiring shrinkage.

Technical characteristics of SHERWIN WILLIAMS tinted impregnation:

  • Lightfast, weatherproof pigments + UV protection.
  • 100% protection against mold and rot.
  • Does not contain any chemical compounds that can adversely affect the human body (confirmed by a certificate).
  • Does not interfere with the process of air exchange in the upper layers of wood (guarantee of the absence of mold and rot in the wood).
  • The coating is resistant to aggressive environments (weather conditions, mechanical stress)
  • Does not create a film, therefore, unlike conventional paints, it does not crack from pressure, temperature and humidity changes
  • Does not require preliminary priming, self-priming impregnation.
  • It is not susceptible to peeling, due to the fact that it penetrates deep into the structure of the tree.

The factory painting in compliance with the painting technology ensures the durability of the adhesion of the paint to the wooden surface.

Summarize! It is cheaper and more reliable to order factory painting.

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