Today on the market there is a wide range of materials from which doors are made. However, not all of them can emphasize the sophistication of the interior and the refinement of the owner's taste.

Doors made with natural wood can fulfill the assigned tasks. Such doors are either frame or made of solid wood. Each option has its own advantages.

Frame doors

The basis of such structures is a profile made of knot-free glued beams. For rigidity, a damask of internal reinforcement is built into the canvas. The presence of a cavity between the panels allows the use of any fillers, due to which the product can be given various insulating characteristics.

The design of the door leaf is developed for the specific design of the customer. If necessary, the structure can be equipped with glass to provide the required level of illumination in adjacent rooms.

Also, the design of the frame doors will make it possible to make adjustments that compensate for the natural vibrations of materials. This function is useful if the temperature and humidity in the premises change depending on the weather conditions.

Solid wood doors

Doors made of solid wood belong to the Elite class. The main advantage of such products is their service life, which can exceed 100 years. Due to the absence of voids in the web, the structure has high rigidity.

In addition, solid wood doors are not limited in design. This means that such a door can be made according to a personal project, taking into account the peculiarities of the interior of the house. Oak, beech and other elite types of wood are used as a base.

The negative side of solid solid doors is the reaction of wood to changes in ambient humidity.

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