Installing an exclusive staircase made of precious woods in a private house is a rational way to increase the functionality of an elite mansion many times over, as well as to highlight the social status of the owner of the house.

It is advisable to entrust the design, manufacture and installation of the original structure to specialized specialists of the highest category. Highly qualified experienced craftsmen of ZAVDOZ Group of Companies will perform the work promptly, competently and conscientiously.

Basic prices for wooden stairs


Raw materials for the production of luxury stairs are harvested in the northern regions of the country, and then dried in climate chambers with computer control. After completing all measurements and calculations, as well as agreeing and approving the design project of a wooden staircase for a country house, specialists begin to work.

The production process is controlled personally by the head of the enterprise. As a result, you will receive a truly extra-class royal staircase. The finished structure is delivered and installed on time.


The staircase made of oak, beech and ash is presentable, has strength and durability;

Professionally prepared material does not creak, crack or deform during operation;

A wooden staircase gives the interior respectability and functionality;

Antiseptic impregnations reliably protect the wood;

The elegant wooden structure can withstand significant loads.


High price;

It takes time to shrink.

Advanced production technologies, high-precision modern equipment, as well as vast experience and professionalism of the craftsmen are the key arguments in favor of mutually beneficial cooperation with the ZAVDOZ group of companies.