We invite you to the excursion GC "Zavolzhsky DOZ"

  • 8 hectares of production space
  • 2 production facilities with a total capacity of 1200m3 of glued house lumber per month
  • 2 log yard sites equipped with gantry cranes
  • Drying complexes KATRES
  • Automatic machines for cutting house kits: Krusi CMI-4 × 4 (Switzerland) and TOPMASTER 270/320 AUTO (Italy)
  • Production of wooden Euro-windows
  • Shop of molded products and individual carpentry shop.

Woodworking starts with a blank, just like a theater from a hanger. Much depends on the quality of the processed material and its drying. Our company harvests timber on its own sites and from reliable suppliers. The area of purchase: the north of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Kirov region, Arkhangelsk, the Komi Republic ...

Drying is carried out in computer-controlled drying chambers of the KATRES company (Czech Republic), which ensures high-quality drying and a significant release of the internal tension of the wood.

When customers visit a manufacturing facility, it is difficult for them to figure out what to look for in order to assess the reliability of a supplier. There are several key factors. We have already talked about the first one - pay attention to how the lumber is dried. Not only the appearance of the material depends on this, but also the quality of gluing. So, for example, most adhesives do not work at a wood moisture content of more than 14%, which makes it impossible to produce high-quality laminated veneer lumber. And with a large difference in humidity within one part, the likelihood of cracking of the lamellas along the front face greatly increases.

Many manufacturers rely on the type or brand of glue they use, but from practice I will say: This is of course important, but correct adherence to the production technology is much more important. The same glue has a short shelf life and critical conditions for the storage temperature in liquid form, and therefore must be checked in the company's laboratory before use. It is also important to observe the gluing technology itself: setting the feeding nozzle, adjusting the viscosity of the glue and the holding time of the workpiece. It is also necessary to maintain a microclimate in industrial premises. For this, enterprises install an automatic air humidification system and thermostats.

Pay attention to the quality of the splicing: the teeth of the microthorn should be tightly fitted to each other, there should be no chips. If cracks appear at the splice, this indicates poor press setup and insufficient control over the sharpening of the cutters.

And the most important thing! Everything described above affects mainly the appearance of the part and the quality of individual elements of the house. The warmth of your future home depends on how the corners are blown and how well the house kit is made. The quality of the house kit is determined by the quality of its cutting. The error of conventional cup cutters, even with a laser ruler, is about 1.5%. To eliminate the human factor and ensure cutting accuracy up to 0.03%, automatic cup-cutting machines are used. In the future, you can see the houses made on such machines right away - their ends of the timber "do not dance".