To create knot-free premium glued timber, our company uses high grade northern pine. It is distinguished from other species by a small number of knots and dense wood. Pine knots are large and oval in shape. They are arranged in groups, the so-called whorls. For example, spruce knots are very small and numerous, also, due to the difference in density, they are prone to chipping and flying, which makes it unsuitable for premium timber. From the point of view of appearance, small knots give expressiveness to the wood, but a bar of a large section is extremely rare for construction.

  • Unscrupulous companies, using false guesses, are trying to prove that premium timber has received its popularity undeservedly. Let's bust all the myths about premium timber.
    1. Knot-free premium timber is made from waste
      The wood, further used for the production of knot-free premium timber, undergoes strict selection. Only quality 1 grade pine trunks are suitable for premium timber. Also, tough Tech. Conditions and quality control in production do not allow low-quality timber to be used in the construction of facilities;
    2. Knotless premium timber in appearance resembles a "patchwork quilt"
      As you know, conifers burn out unevenly. It is impossible to get a solid high-quality timber over 10 meters. For this, splicing is used. When the lamellas are spliced into a single whole, a color difference appears. Any timber, to a greater or lesser extent, looks like a “patchwork quilt”. Nowadays there are a huge number of different types of paint coatings, which not only give the appearance, but also give protection to the timber;
    3. Knot-free premium timber is too expensive
      The knot-free premium timber is 10-20% more expensive than the usual one. If we take into account that the timber itself takes up no more than 30-40% of the value of the house, then the total overpayment will be no more than 5-10%. But all of these costs can easily pay off when they save your expensive carpet from the resin that can leak out of the resin pocket. Or, if you take into account the appearance, which can spoil a suddenly falling out twig. In this category, the price is really justified by reliability, safety and durability.