Ask yourself: how many companies have a full production cycle? And many of them have developed standards for all stages of production and construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber? And which of them has an officially certified quality system?

Not everything has GOSTs, but somewhere their provisions are simply not enough for specifics. Therefore, our company has developed its own Design Standards, Internal Construction Rules and Collections of Typical Units. You can familiarize yourself with them from the manager in any of our offices or on our website.

Moreover, internal standards did not appear during the certification process as unnecessary waste paper. These standards have been collected and refined over decades through experience. And getting the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate was just a natural step.

We treat the production of timber in the same way. Now the buyer can evaluate our timber externally, and the concern about the reliability of laminated veneer lumber can be dropped. Certification of a bar in Russia is not required, therefore our technologists have initiated a lengthy procedure of voluntary certification.

We approach the issues in a high-quality systematic way! Yes, of course, there are many difficult issues in the production of laminated veneer lumber and its installation. But it is important to study to systematize and use your experience. It is important not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to constantly improve the quality.

Here are just the main tenets of our quality matrix:

  • The design is carried out on the basis of clear instructions that ensure the reliability and durability of the structure. When working out the draft design, the house is necessarily drawn in the design program K3-Cottage. All architects are equipped with licensed software.
  • Each project, before starting the production of a house kit, is checked by a commission in the construction department and approved by the Construction Director.
  • The manufacturing enterprises of the Zavolzhsky Woodworking Plant are equipped only with automatic cutting lines for house sets TOPMASTER 270/320 AUTO (Italy) and Krusi CMI-4 × 4 (Switzerland). The error of these machines is a maximum of 2 mm at 12 meters of the product
  • Quality control technologist in every shift of every production. Obligatory constant interoperational control of each section according to the specified parameters
  • Technical Conditions - strict and exceeding GOST, created not to protect themselves from the client, but to create the highest quality timber
  • The timber is shipped to the client treated with an antiseptic and a means of protecting the ends must be packed
    Construction is carried out on the basis of clear documentation: Internal construction rules and Collections of typical units for each house-building technology.
  • The ZAVDOZ group has a staff of technical specialists who carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections of the construction process.
  • When checking the quality of assemblies, foremen use a system of forms that include more than 180 assessment points, including measurements and photographs.

ISO 9001 production certificate
GOST R certificate voluntary certification of timber
ISO 9001 Certificate Construction

That is why we have confidently introduced an extended Warranty period for houses built by us from Boneless Premium Bar - 30 years!