Our company takes a systematic approach to improving the quality of its products and services. All business processes in production and construction are certified according to the ISO-9000 standard.

Completely finished house kit

The complete set of glued laminated timber, in addition to the standard cutting for the project, includes:

  • Antiseptic treatment;
  • Cutting of end-to-end cups, including half-cups of the first / last rims of the walls;
  • Cutting of grooves under the floating bar of the casing boxes;
  • Drilling for a hairpin and hidden wiring (except for Standard timber);
  • End treatment with Teknol JRM or Remmers SW-900 protective compound;
  • Packing of packs of a bar with a special film.

And most importantly, all this is included in the basic cost of the house kit and does not require any "surcharges".

Construction Management Information System

In the process of developing management and construction control processes, we tried various options. Many of them are widely advertised by builders as additional services to their customers, but in reality they do not work.

A camcorder is nothing more than a beautiful toy. It is good that you can watch the progress of construction online. However, in practice, no one will watch the construction around the clock, and it is impossible to see the small details of the hidden work from the camera.

Of course, we use video surveillance and photographic recording of hidden works, and a number of other means of control in our work. But the main thing is a phased integrated control over construction based on an internal information management system. Construction is divided into stages: foundation, walls, roof, and so on ... Each stage goes through its own acceptance with the fixation of all parameters. In addition, during the construction process, all current parameters, including hidden works, are checked for compliance with standards.

In the construction control log, our foremen have more than 180 control points .

Supervision on the part of the customer, carried out by specialized organizations, can certainly add confidence to the customer, but let's decide what is more effective - to state that violations have occurred when they have already happened or to prevent them in advance. Therefore, we are happy to cooperate with technical supervision organizations. For convenience, we are ready to provide access to the customer's office of our management system. Making a quality home is our common goal!

Open technical documentation

We try to be as open as possible. You can get acquainted with the technical documentation in the corresponding section. We understand that competitors can take advantage of our developments, moreover, we constantly observe this. However, it is much more important that it can help someone build a better home.

For your attention:

  • Specifications for wood materials of our production;
  • Typical units for the main stages of construction work.