Full construction cycle, from design to interior decoration. Responsibility for EVERYTHING in one company!

Own production of laminated veneer lumber

No additional charges

Fixed estimate

Price during construction will not change

Construction schedule in the contract

You know the construction time

Technical Supervision

Quality control at every stage

Recognized quality and time-proven reliability

The best company in the construction industry

Medal of Merit in Construction

No. 1 in the production of wooden houses

Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate the exact cost of construction without a competent project.

And what if all the sites are different and it's not clear what the prices are based on?

The specialists of the estimate department have developed a special calculation system, where just a few parameters can be used to calculate the approximate cost of the future house.

During 2 hours * вам придет сводная смета рассчитанная по введенным вами параметрам, с ценами на несколько вариантов материалов и строительных работ, где вы сможете выбрать только то, что нужно именно вам

We are sure that this will help you figure out what the cost of construction consists of and determine the budget.

* Please pay attention! The work schedule of the estimate department is daily from 9-00 to 21-00 Moscow time. If you send data outside working hours, then the calculation will come to you within two hours from the beginning of the working day.

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