Seminars on building houses

Choosing a contractor for the construction of your future home is always a difficult and painful process. At our seminars, we do not talk about us or our materials - our managers will tell you at any time convenient for you. At seminars, we share our construction experience. Let's talk about the pitfalls that await in the development and implementation of a home project. We reveal the secrets of the construction business. We analyze the estimates in detail and learn to count correctly. We offer a simple and effective way to arrange a tender: knock builders head-on and choose the best one.

We do not advertise at seminars - we tell the secrets of house building.


October 12, 2019, Moscow, Sindika shopping and entertainment complex

12 myths about laminated veneer lumber. The real pros and cons of building from laminated veneer lumber.
Let's analyze 12 main groups of questions that are most often encountered in the construction of houses from glued laminated timber * What is true and what is not * What to pay attention to the customer, and what is just very important to know!

This seminar is divided into three main groups, consisting of these questions.
In the first part, we will analyze in detail the main aspects of such a building material as wood, talk about its properties and physical characteristics. In this video, we will analyze 12 main myths about laminated veneer lumber, as well as conduct a large sightseeing tour on all questions about wooden housing construction.

In the second part, we will look at how to plan, choose and order a wooden house, in particular a house made of laminated veneer lumber. We will analyze aspects such as the timing and stages of construction. Why is it important to follow a certain sequence in building a house and what can happen if it is violated.
We will tell you why the tree has no restrictions in the architectural forms of the application areas.
And can glued laminated timber be called an expensive material? Or is everything known by comparison?

The final part of the video about 12 main myths about laminated veneer lumber.
How much do construction companies charge? How not to fall for the tricks of scammers and not order material passed off as quality?
Let's take a look at the difference between specification and packaging. Why is it important to study the estimate in detail?

May 18, 2019, Moscow, TRK Sindika

Glued laminated timber from the manufacturer. Price, Quality - how to figure it out ?!
Aspects of the quality of laminated veneer lumber * What affects the price * What to check when visiting the production * Calculation of a real cost estimate for a bar! * Manufacturer's secrets: what they usually save on * The whole truth about glue and "correct" brands.

November 16, 2019, Kazan, Pavlyukhina street 99, 12-00

The truth about laminated veneer lumber. Quality aspects.
What to look for when ordering * Characteristics: Fire hazard, Sound insulation, Vibration, Thermal conductivity, Ecology, Durability * Let's analyze what is important to know about production * Bad / Good glue * Pine, Spruce, Cedar, Larch and other species - which is better?

November 20, 2019, St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky prospect, 19-00

Project and prices. Details of the estimate.
Real analysis of the estimate and the project * Analysis of proposals on the market * How the project affects the price * Why are there different prices for similar projects * Self-calculation * Comparison of estimates according to the stages of construction * How can you save money, but how to save is simply dangerous *

The second part of

February 20, 2019, St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky prospect, 25-27

10 customer mistakes when building a house. Express seminar + answers to questions.
How to make yourself cheat * Eight hats made of one skin * Don't break your dream! * contract or sport * and other common mistakes ... * How to order CORRECTLY and not overpay ?!

February 2, 2019, Moscow, Belaya Dacha

How much does House 2019 cost? How to calculate the estimate yourself and not let yourself be fooled.
Independent preliminary calculation * secrets of builders * development and comparison of estimates * preparation of terms of reference for choosing a contractor * selection algorithm * analysis of specific estimates.

January 27, 2018, Moscow, Belaya Dacha, Kotelniki

House of laminated veneer lumber. Secrets of technology and quality.
What affects the quality of the walls made of Glued Beams * Briefly about the production technology of Glued Beams * Spruce or pine * Premium technology * What we pay for when choosing a Manufacturer * Requirements of SNiPs and GOSTs

February 17, 2018, Nizhny Novgorod

Additional estimate, how to avoid it? Errors when ordering a house made of laminated veneer lumber.
"Puss in a poke" * Different estimates of the same house * Algorithm of the correct tender * Roof, foundation, walls - what to look for * Quality issues

March 14, 2018, St. Petersburg

Errors in designing an individual house. How to develop the perfect project.
Typical or individual * where to start * who will develop the project better * what to look for * standard errors * minimal - sufficient set of documentation * economic justification of the project * proceed to the estimate * what to consider during construction

June 16, 2018, Moscow, Belaya Dacha

Communications in a private house.
Electrician * Heating and boiler room * Water supply * Sewerage * Comparison, what to choose, topical issues.

September 19, 2018, St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky prospect

Glued laminated timber from A to Z.
Glued laminated timber in comparison with other technologies * Honest disadvantages of Glued laminated timber * Briefly about the production technology * How to choose the right glued timber * Important features of designing houses from glued laminated timber.

April 29, 2017, Moscow, Belaya Dacha

Choosing a construction company. How construction firms are cheated.
How to choose: Price or Quality? * Mistakes when choosing a house * Algorithm for choosing a contractor * Criteria for comparing construction companies * Design * Conclusion of a contract - what to look for

October 21, 2017, Moscow, Belaya Dacha

Problems of suburban construction (StroyKhlam).
The seminar is conducted by the project team "StroyKhlam" * StroyKhlam is visiting ZAVDOZ

November 15, 2017, St. Petersburg

How to order a house and not be fooled. The whole truth about choosing a contractor.
Why "tender" does not work * simple - effective selection algorithm * secrets of the economy of construction organizations * how to compare estimates * analysis of specific estimates (you can bring with you) * estimate preparation * estimate as a task for builders

November 25, 2017, Moscow, Belaya Dacha

How much is the HOUSE. How to check the project yourself and calculate the estimate.
Independent preliminary calculation * preparation of terms of reference for choosing a contractor * selection algorithm * secrets of builders * development and comparison of estimates * analysis of specific estimates (you can bring with you) * acts of work performed after building a house, as a reflection of your estimate

December 16, 2017, Moscow, KP "RUZA FAMILY PARK"

Construction of a wooden house. Important quality issues.
FOUNDATION: geology and design * What affects the quality of the GLUED Lumber walls * ROOF: what constitutes the durability of the roof * Wooden and plastic WINDOWS * What questions to ask when choosing a contractor.

Turnkey house cost.

FOUNDATION: geology and project * Options and stages of finishing work * House configuration * Wooden and plastic WINDOWS * House cost from foundation to finishing

Construction of wooden houses in the south

Advantages of houses in the southern region * What is the difference between houses in the south and in the north * Why glued laminated timber is better than profiled

What to choose when building a house? Compare wood and brick

Properties of various building materials * How wood differs from brick * Frost resistance and fire hazard of materials * What is the best way to build a house

Wooden houses in Crimea

Wooden house building in the south * Thermal conductivity and sound insulation * Shrinkage of laminated veneer lumber * Environmental friendliness of laminated veneer lumber