• Own design bureau
  • Licensed software (7 workstations)
  • The cost of the project for a special offer is 25,000 rubles
  • The designed house is electronically transferred to the CNC cup cutter

Project for 25,000 rubles

A situation often arises when it is difficult to decide to place an order without understanding the exact price of the house. But in order to understand how much a house costs, you need to make a project, and a draft design in construction firms costs from 50,000 rubles. It turns out a vicious circle.

There is a solution to this problem - Special offer: a project worth 25,000 rubles + a detailed calculation of the cost of construction

We are not trying to make money on design, and at the same time our design bureau is ready to develop projects of any complexity. Your task is to provide floor sketches with the approximate location of the premises, as well as show your favorite facades of houses from magazines and the Internet. Perhaps even from different projects. Further, our architect will develop a 3D model of the house and coordinate it with you. You can work with an architect both through our office and remotely: via Skype or e-mail.

After working with an architect, you will receive an album with an individual draft design, section AR (architectural solutions) and a detailed estimate for the construction of your house.

No typical house fits?

Absolutely correct and logical. Remember, any typical project was once developed for a specific customer and solved his problems. Even worse, when a typical project was simply invented by an architect, experienced architects simply do not have time for this, so this is just a simulator project for beginners. Are you ready to catch other people's mistakes? Well, the myth that a typical project is better developed is just a myth. In a good construction company, the project is worked out and goes through several stages of control , in a bad one they will not turn to obvious errors of typical projects.

How to start developing an individual project?

First, decide for yourself which project you need. You can study typical projects on websites or visit exhibition areas of houses. The main thing is to remember the goal! In all projects, we look and notice what we like: a second light, a combined or separate kitchen, the presence of a vestibule or a large hall combined with a living room, the number and location of toilets, balconies ... and so on. We notice and sketch out the layouts. Not necessarily in detail, your task is to draw up a list of wishes and the necessary set of premises, but how to combine this is the work of an architect.

Do you already have a sketch of the project?

Have you picked up an interesting project on the Internet or in a magazine? Do you have a draft design? - our manager will make you a preliminary calculation absolutely free! But you need to understand - this is a calculation for a guideline with an error of 10-15%. No one is able to make an accurate calculation without a working draft and detailed specification. Do not arrange a competition among managers of different companies - "who is the best to cheat." Correct comparison of estimates can be done only after the development of the project. For more details about the technology of comparing firms, see the Seminars section of the menu.

Fixed estimate

In addition to the draft design, you will receive a detailed estimate for the construction with a detailed indication of all materials and work. The architect, after agreeing with you on the project, transfers it to the design department, where the designer works out the project in the design program K3-Cottage and gives out the exact amount of material. Then the estimator works out your project.

We believe that the Client has the right to correctly calculate the entire construction budget! Therefore, we try to immediately take into account everything and immediately negotiate an honest estimate. Our clients do not have to suffer from price increases and cost overruns for construction. We are professionals and consider ourselves able to take into account all the moments in advance and maintain the promised price for our Clients, no matter what it costs us! Therefore, the estimate is extremely detailed and includes all the necessary materials, "as for yourself."

Design and architectural company at your home

The estimate is developed and agreed upon according to your requirements. You have the right to leave, change or purchase any materials yourself. You determine the list of works for those stages of construction that you need.

If, in the process of discussing the estimate with your manager, it becomes necessary to redesign the project, he will return it to the architect, or force the designer to make the necessary adjustments in the working project or change design solutions, or discuss with the estimator changes in materials or a list of works.
Modification at no extra cost!

If you want to get a truly unique project , unique, reflecting your requirements and at the same time it is necessary for the architect to "guess" the wishes, because they have not yet been clearly formed - contact a professional individual architect. You can do this on the advice of friends, you can contact the construction company that you have chosen and they will definitely prompt you, you can visit specialized exhibitions. The main thing is important - an architect like a real psychologist will try to understand and create a house as a reflection. But the work of such specialists is appropriate - from several hundred thousand. Together with the elaborated project, you will also receive a specification for materials, they will help you to draw up a competent Terms of Reference and hold a competition among builders based on specific requests.

What you should definitely not do is contact inexpensive design bureaus - you will not get any practical benefit. Construction companies will not work on it and will definitely offer to redo it so as not to be held responsible for other people's mistakes. You will hardly be provided with a detailed specification along with such a project, which means that even a tender for an estimate among builders on the basis of such a project will not work. As a result, you will get an ordinary picture of a house with a large number of sheets, only you will give money for it. And this picture will be drawn by a person without practical experience in construction ... Therefore, if you do not want to overpay for the revision of your individual project, contact any construction company and together with it prepare a project and a preliminary estimate, and then compare. We hope our "special offer: Project for 15,000 rubles" will help you.

Fixed price contract!

Imagine the situation:
The man looked at the ad, saw the price, entered into a contract ... and during the construction process he was informed that "not everything was included in that price!" and offered to pay more ... but no money. As a result, the house is not completed and is being destroyed, the money is irretrievably spent, the dream of owning your own house remains a dream ...

We prescribe the final price in the estimate and in the contract. The construction schedule is also attached to the contract.

Do you have an accurate vision of your future home, an unfinished project or sketches with plans?

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