It means:

We do not seek immediate economic benefits through questionable methods. Despite the complexity of the construction process, we try to avoid unsaid moments. And if unforeseen situations arise, we try to resolve them as professionally as possible, to the benefit of our client. WE DO , not promise.

We strive for quality at every stage of working with a client, applying the principle “as for ourselves”. Competently communicating with the client in the office, developing a convenient and beautiful project, calculating the optimal estimate for this particular client, making a house kit or servicing equipment for its manufacture, organizing a clear construction of a house, ensuring document flow ... - doing our job, we build QUALITY houses.

We do not make "sheds". Using only proven technologies of wood and brick construction, we avoid panel frame frames, profiled non-glued beams and other pseudo-technologies. We build reliable HOUSES for permanent or summer residence.

We are honest with our clients. Always honest and detailed open estimate from the first request of the client, a detailed description of all components and our "interest", the absence of incomplete complete set. An honest and detailed comparison of the different equipment options and the implications of their use. We provide advice to the client when and on what it is possible or impossible to save money , we do it REALLY, and not for the sake of trying to sell at any price.

We adhere to the principle of tight budgeting and low margins. This is achieved only through a clear regulation of the work of all departments, division of labor and formalization of the process. We support ourselves and ask our clients not to disturb the well-oiled conveyor. Regardless of the level of the price segment of housing construction in which we work (from economy to premium), we observe low markups, which makes us AVAILABLE for all customers.



We build as for ourselves, so that you live as you dream!


A quality guarantee from an enterprise with more than half a century of history means that we are fully responsible for our production and we do it with joy, because we are convinced that we do our job the best, and we want our customers to be in we are sure.

Transparency of numbers, honest estimates, affordable prices - everything is very simple, we bring the client's dream of an ideal home closer to reality.