The ZAVDOZ Group of Companies was formed on the basis of the Zavolzhsky Woodworking Plant in the process of combining the interests of several domestic and foreign companies. Today the group includes:

  • Two modern laminated veneer lumber production facilities, with a total capacity of 1200m3 of house kits per month;
  • Production of elite wooden Euro-windows;
  • Individual carpentry production (staircase doors, custom moldings);
  • Construction company;
  • Trading company with a representative office in Russia and abroad.

ZAVDOZ was formed in 1947. He survived privatization, the collapse of the construction of the 90s, the economic crises of 1998, 2008 and 2014. Despite all the difficulties, the company developed and constantly updated its machine park. Today it is one of the most modern and efficient production facilities. The main equipment is 2012, the most recent acquisition of a new automatic line is the beginning of 2017.

The ZAVDOZ Group is a constant participant in all industry exhibitions, has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and distinctions. Highly qualified designers and builders who have built a huge number of objects know all the intricacies of wood construction. The employees of the enterprise were awarded with awards, medals and orders "Honorary Builder".

Why customers choose ZAVDOZ

  • A company that has been operating reliably since 1947;
  • Own production, design and construction departments;
  • Fair estimate + real prices, are shown immediately and do not inflate in the process;
  • Complex production of all elements of wood construction (windows, doors, gazebos, stairs, moldings, construction plywood);
  • A large selection of sections and types of laminated veneer lumber for any request and any wallet;
  • Guarantee for glued laminated timber and services of construction of a power frame up to 30 years;
  • ZAVDOZ is an international group with its own offices in Russia and representative offices abroad.

And besides:

  • Knock-free Premium timber - as a rare offer in the glued laminated timber market;
  • Designing according to a special offer - 15,000 rubles;
  • Low prices for glued laminated timber and other products of our own production.