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House kit of glulam

A house kit is a set of construction parts made of glued beams (wall kit) designed to assemble a house, cottage or hotel according to an approved project.  The wall kit from ZAVDOZ can be made from glued beams of any cross—section at the request of the customer, as well as from an elite material - Z-style twigless timber. 

All the details of the finished house kit are marked, so a customer with minimal construction experience can assemble them independently, hire a professional team or order turnkey construction. 


What is included in the house kit

  • Glued wall timber + glued posts;
  • Beams of the 1st and 2nd floors (if necessary, according to the project);
  • Rafter system;
  • Roofing mouldings - crate, counter-crate, cranial block;
  • Frame board (if necessary, according to the project);
  • The casing box.

At the request of the customer, the finishing footage (end plates, decorative boxes, balustrades, etc.) can be included in the house kit.

Production of house kits

All elements of the house kit are manufactured on modern equipment with high precision of cutting parts. Glulam is treated with antiseptic and antipyretic solutions directly at the factory. For the simplest possible assembly of the house, all parts are marked on the basis of a design drawing agreed in advance with the customer. Choosing a glued timber house kit from the manufacturer, you get a house that remains to be assembled and “put on the foundation”.


House construction

The assembly of house kits made of glulam is possible both by our forces and by third-party contractors. If you have construction experience, then you can assemble the house yourself, with friends and relatives. We will be there for you throughout the construction, and for your confidence we will provide a full package of technical documentation, free independent technical supervision with a visit to your location and a 10-year warranty on the structure you have assembled.

The price of ready-made house kits

The cost of a house kit depends on the cubic capacity of the house - the number of cubes of glulam needed to assemble the house. Therefore, before buying a house kit made of glulam from the factory, it is necessary to make a working draft, according to which it will be manufactured and assembled at home. It is in the project that the cubic capacity will be laid down, which you can reduce or increase (due to the height or number of internal walls) before approving the project in order to influence the price.  

We already have a catalog of ready-made projects that you can use as a basis for “quick calculation” of the budget for your home. Leave a request to the manager for the calculation.

Catalog of projects
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