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Production of houses made of glulam and half-timbered

The ZAVDOZ Group of Companies is a full—cycle manufacturing holding. Thanks to the presence of our own production workshops with modern equipment, a logging complex and an architectural bureau, we produce truly high-quality houses.


The round selected sawmill (softwood lumber Ø from 220mm) is dissolved into lumber and sorted in accordance with GOST. Taking into account the requirements for the geometry of the size, tolerance for shrinkage and grade, the rate of exit of the board from the round is about 50%. But even after that, with the stacking in bundles through gaskets additional sorting and control is performed. It is here that the first stage of quality control is carried out. Strict observance of a large number of GOST of the USSR and the Russian Federation is the key to this quality.
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It is produced in computer-controlled KATRES drying chambers (Czech Republic). It is the program that determines: when it is necessary to steam (forced saturation with moisture to relieve the internal tension of the board), and when to dry or turn on powerful fans. The complete absence of the human factor ensures high-quality drying.

Preliminary gouging and sorting of plots 

Boards with a moisture content of no more than 8-10% are used for the manufacture of glulam. After preliminary gouging, revealing all defects, these defects are cut out. To do this, defective areas are marked with fluorescent crayons, and the Weinig machine (Germany) automatically cuts them out.



The optimization of the board in length (or in the common people, splicing) is performed from selected plots of the board. To do this, a long mini spike is cut in semi-automatic mode and glued in a longitudinal press into a lamella (a blank board 12 meters long). 
Properly spliced wood is devoid of most defects; it has less internal stress and cracks less on visible elements!

Cutting and applying glue

The second stage of gouging on Leadermac machines makes the spliced lamella perfect in geometry – now it is ready for gluing. 
It is only important to remember: for maximum adhesion of environmentally friendly glue (EP) and wood, the wood must be freshly planed, the period should not exceed 12 hours!


Gluing of timber

Pressing lamellas into glulam of a given size is the most important and responsible stage. The quality of gluing and splicing is under special control. The viscosity of the glue and the holding time of the workpiece are regulated. Each pressing is kept for about 50 minutes. To maintain the microclimate in the production room, an automatic humidification system and temperature controllers are installed.

Gouging of glulam

After gluing and aging, the glulam billet is profiled – the same section of the future details of the house is set.
This third line is made on heavy machines like BEAVER-630


Cutting of glulam parts

Our enterprises are equipped with computer-controlled equipment that gives maximum accuracy and quality of parts:
KRUSI – the fastest and most accurate cup-cutting machine for house kits with simple architecture. Accuracy: 1-2mm at 12 meters. The feed is a pusher.


TOPMASTER – a machine for cutting parts of houses in automatic mode, both simple and complex architecture.Accuracy: 1-3mm at 12 meters. Submission – capture.


Hundegger - 3x-coordinate machine for automatic cutting of complex parts of half-timbered houses and rafter systems. Ultra-precise. Submission – capture


The details of the house are antiseptic, and the ends of the parts are treated with a special composition - the timber is ready to maintain its quality during long-term storage or installation.



The bundles are packed so that the details of the future house can be stored for a long period. Each pack is accompanied by a packing list, which makes even self-assembly easy. Moreover, it speeds up the inspection and assembly by professional teams of assemblers.

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