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Premium glulam Z-style

A house with a northern character
Northern pine and complete absence of knots
Premium glulam Z-style is made using a knotless technology: all knots and defects of wood are rejected, only ideal lamellae with a length of 350 mm get into the workpiece. For the production of lumber, only softwood (pine) of the Northern regions of the Extra variety is used.
The combination of unique knotless technology and the unique texture of Northern Pine wood allows you to create an elite material with the most spectacular appearance - glulam Z-style.

Z-style - lumber with character:

He is laconic. A smooth tree without knots has a high level of aesthetics and opens up maximum possibilities for interior design.
Doesn't cry
He is not "crying." Along with the knots, there are no resin streaks that can damage expensive furniture and clothes.
It is reliable, as it is made of high-end wood. Our grandfathers also built houses only from pine or larch. And many of those houses, like Kizhi, have been standing without painting for many centuries.
At no extra cost
It does not require extra expenses. Elite selected wood and knotless technology make the timber more resistant to environmental influences.
construction-garant construction-garant-img
An increased warranty of 50 years is valid for the production and construction of a house made of Z-style knotless Premium lumber

The choice of designers

Such a trifle as a knot or a resin pocket in a prominent place can spoil even the most expensive room design.
Glulam produced using a knotless technology is simply devoid of this drawback. It satisfies the most complex design solutions and at the same time preserves the unique texture of the northern pine wood. The resulting effect is not possible on other types of lumber.

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