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The half-timbered house project is a combination of traditional style with modern high-quality materials. The basis of the structure is a frame made of glulam. Structural beams made of glulam can be positioned at different angles, giving rise to unusual architectural forms. The filling of the walls can be different - mineral wool, design and survey work, panoramic glazing. Panoramic frameless double-glazed windows are gaining more and more popularity.

The construction of half-timbered houses is carried out in such a way that the structure provides excellent thermal insulation, which makes them especially popular in cold climates.

Our company has developed ready-made house designs using modern half-timbered technology. They combine the quality and reliability of this technology with modern architectural solutions.

Half-timbered houses are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a unique and deformation-resistant house that will serve for decades and will become a real attraction in any region.

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