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A cottage made of glulam is an excellent solution for seasonal living. As a rule, cottages are built of timber of a smaller cross-section than houses for permanent residence. This approach allows you to reduce the cubic capacity of the project and save on material if you do not plan to visit the cottage in winter.

The standard designs of country houses and dachas presented in the catalog were developed by ZAVDOZ's own architectural bureau. All submitted projects are fully ready for transfer to production - working documentation for the production and construction of the facility is available. You can choose for yourself a cozy cottage made of glulam from ready-made projects or create your own individual project with us.

For each project, you can order an estimate in several configuration options. The manager will help you determine the set of sections and materials for calculation for each customer. After selecting and agreeing on the configuration, the project is sent to production, and the house kit produced afterwards is sent to the construction site.

Full control at all stages - from the creation of the project to the construction of the house - allows us to provide our customers with modern, warm and durable country houses.

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