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Guarantees and maintenance

We free our customers from bureaucratic paperwork! For any questions regarding warranty obligations, it is enough to call 8-800-25-070-25 - the application is sent to the construction department, where a specialist will understand your question and arrange a visit to inspect the object.

We value our customers' time and their trust for many years.

Our company constantly monitors the production and construction technology. The production processes are certified by the international quality system ISO-9000 and are constantly being improved.

If the house is built by the divisions of the ZAVDOZ group, the guarantee is valid:

  • 50 years – for a house kit made of Premium glulam of the "Z-style" configuration, as well as for the installation of walls from the specified timber;
  • 30 years – for a house kit made of glulam of the Classic configuration, as well as for the installation of walls from the specified timber;
  • free maintenance for the first year after completion of construction.

In the case of the purchase of a house kit without the construction of the facility by the divisions of the ZAVDOZ group, the warranty is valid:

  • 10 years – for a house kit made of glulam

Terms of service:

  • Glulam products are coated with an antiseptic compound at the factory (impregnation is a standard package included in the price of the timber, is canceled only at the direction of the customer) and are transported in packages with factory packaging. The manufacturer also recommends that, upon completion of the installation of the structure, cover the inner walls of the building with a water-based varnish, and the outer walls with a protective impregnating compound.
  • Construction works are carried out by the construction companies of the ZAVDOZ group: trained teams under the supervision of experienced foremen and under the control of the electronic construction management system ZAVDOZ.
  • Compliance with recommended maintenance.

The warranty for purchased building materials is valid within the framework of the guarantees provided by the manufacturers.

The warranty does not apply:

  • periodic grinding of walls and coating of timber with a paint composition due to its normal wear;
  • natural loss of twigs and leakage of resin pockets;
  • damage to the house kit and other elements of the house as a result of improper operation, the use of glulam for other purposes or not in accordance with the normal conditions of its operation;
  • damage as a result of accidents caused by lightning, flooding, fire, improper ventilation, improper wiring of engineering systems and electric currents, as well as other causes that are outside the normal operating conditions of the material.

Technical maintenance

Maintenance (monitoring of the condition of the house) is recommended to be carried out during the first three years after construction. Maintenance is always carried out in winter.

During the construction of a house by the units of the ZAVDOZ group, the customer receives free maintenance as a gift in the first year after completion of construction. The customer compensates only for the passage of the supervision vehicle. The date of the maintenance is agreed with the manager. 

As part of the supervision, our specialist carries out the following free work:

  • Analysis of the climate in the house and monitoring of the operation of the ZAVDOZ-climate control device
  • Checking the exterior contour of the house with a thermal imager
  • Adjusting the jacks
  • Checking the shrinkage process in the area of casing boxes, frame walls
  • Monitoring of the condition of the interventricular sutures
  • Inspection of the surface of the timber. Determination of the need to eliminate cracks. Elimination of resin drips
  • Adjustment of windows and doors ZAVDOZ
  • Checking the condition of the stairs
  • Monitoring the condition of the paintwork
  • Control and adjustment of the roof drainage system
  • Monitoring of the condition of the rafter system and fastening of metal tiles
  • Monitoring the condition of the foundation

Additional paid work carried out after the recommendation of supervision according to a separate regulation:

  • Updating the paintwork
  • Tightening the fastening of metal tiles
  • Replacement of the wooden roof lining
  • Repair of elements with mechanical damage
  • Other works discovered during the inspection and not related to the warranty case
Maintenance of the house after the first three years is not necessary to be carried out every two to three years on behalf of the customer.

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