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Mortgage and loan


ZAVDOZ company became the first accredited developer of DOM.RF Bank, which conducted the first transaction on a preferential mortgage for individual housing construction, it is a pilot program DOM.RF, launched to support young families with children.

The program allows to stimulate the development of mortgages in the segment of individual housing construction and ensure the quality of suburban development – the bank imposes additional requirements on projects and their provision with infrastructure.

ZAVDOZ Group conducts design and construction in full compliance with the requirements of the bank, and also provides a package of documents necessary for concluding a mortgage loan agreement.

You can take out a mortgage loan for the construction of a private house from any other bank.

What needs to be done for this:

  • Choose a project on our website, or work with our architects to develop an individual project for your future home.
  • Decide on the configuration of your house — the type of foundation, the thickness of the beam, and so on. Our managers will help you, who will provide, upon your request, calculations of the cost of your house in different configurations.
  • Inform the manager about your desire to take out a mortgage loan. We will prepare a list of all necessary documents for mortgage approval.
  • Feel free to contact the bank for financing the construction of your own house.
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