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ZAVDOZ company structure


The ZAVDOZ Group  

The ZAVDOZ Group of Companies was formed on the basis of the Zavolzhsky Woodworking Plant in the process of combining the interests of several domestic and foreign companies. Today, ZAVDOZ is a vertically integrated holding company of a full cycle: from forest management and logging, to the production of house kits, export or construction of turnkey cottages and settlements.

Logging complex 

Several of the forest fund's own plots ensure the stability of supplies!
Within the framework of forest management, companies carry out: allotment and forest care, fire prevention measures, logging, planting of new forests.

  • Harvesting is carried out by logging complexes (harvesters and forwarders) John Deere and New Holland;
  • The frame saw mill ensures high quality of the material;
  • Enterprises are engaged in reforestation: more than 200 hectares of coniferous forests are planted annually.


Production of houses from glulam

Two production lines with a total equipment capacity of more than 1,500 m3 of timber per month. A modern machine park of imported equipment ensures high quality products:

  • Computer–controlled wood drying - KATRES drying chambers (Czech Republic);
  • High-precision cutting of house kits on CNC cup cutters Krusi (Switzerland), TopMaster (Italy);
  • The quality of the glulam produced is checked in our own laboratory.

Production of half-timbered houses

A new plant for structures with complex cutting elements equipped with an automatic Hundegger complex/Germany is capable of performing fine milling and high-precision connecting elements on huge parts.

  • Monumental structures made of wood;
  • Elite half-timbered houses; houses made of glulam "in the paw"; "oblique cutting" and much more…;
  • Shopping malls; Water parks; Pavilions.

Mouldings Factory

For efficient processing of wood of different sizes, a plant for the production of finishing materials from fused wood is operating next to the logging site.

  • Clapboard, Imitation timber, Ceiling board, Floor board;
  • Skirting board, Platbands, Moldings of various profiles, Corner, Baguette frame;
  • Exterior decoration of houses.

Artel of individual joinery

Luxury homes require luxury finishes. The decoration of ZAVDOZ houses can be done by professional cabinetmakers. This is a unique combination of a deep love for wood and the availability of the most modern equipment:

  • Wooden Euro Windows;
  • Ladders made of any valuable wood;
  • Interior Wood Carvings and more…

ZAVDOZ Trading House

The international group Zavolzhsky Woodworking Plant has its own offices and representative offices in Russia and abroad.

Construction company

If you contact the ZAVDOZ group not only for the purchase of a house kit, but also for construction services: Our own construction company with a Foreman service and a technical supervision service will provide high-quality service certified according to ISO9001 standards.


Design Bureau

Our architects, designers, and cost estimators are ready to design and calculate not only the most complex and spectacular residential buildings, but also cottage settlements.

  • Preliminary design and architectural and construction solutions;
  • Photo visualization and Video flyby;
  • Operational design;
  • Estimated calculations according to standards!

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