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The presented house designs are created in accordance with modern construction technologies. For the construction of houses, the ZAVDOZ company supplies high-quality materials, the main of which is glulam.

What is the advantage of glulam? Houses made of glulam differ from buildings made of rounded logs in higher strength, resistance to deformation and rotting. Thanks to the technology of gluing lamellas under pressure, glued beams are not prone to the formation of large cracks and warping, which allows the house to last for decades.

Another advantage of glulam is its thermal insulation characteristics. During the production process, wood goes through several processing stages, starting from drying in special drying chambers, ending with high-precision cutting of parts. Machine cutting avoids large errors, which eliminates the formation of gaps between the bars. As a result, the walls reliably protect the house from the cold.

Quality control is carried out at each stage of the production of glulam, which helps the company to keep the product quality level at a high level. A big advantage of the material is also that houses made of glulam can be made in various architectural styles. On our website you can choose a ready-made project or order the development of an individual project from our architects.

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