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Construction of glulam with a 50-year warranty

A personal construction supervisor to guard your interests


No need to check each contractor yourself

You sign 1 contract with us for all stages of construction, and we alone are responsible for the result at each stage

How do we do it

Construction from ZAVDOZ is a guarantee of the quality of the house being built

After the signing of the contract, a technical supervision specialist is assigned to each object, who acts on the customer's side and personally controls the work of construction teams at all stages - from the foundation to engineering communications and finishing.

A specialist examines the notches winding, evaluates the gaps in the cuts, the location of the logs, the correct installation of the pillars and much more. When assessing the quality of work, the specialist relies on GOST standards and building codes. The result is a high-quality house with a guarantee of up to 50 years!


general contractor
responsible for the result

Construction with ZAVDOZ is for you if:


You don't want to dive into the intricacies of the process and double-check the work of each contractor


You want to get exactly the house you dream of, without hidden defects


You want to get the maximum warranty for the manufactured house kit - 50 years*


You want strict adherence to construction deadlines

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*a 50-year warranty applies to the production and construction of a house made of Z-STYLE Premium knotless lumber, during the production and installation of a house made of glulam, the warranty period is 30 years

Construction with ZAVDOZ

  • Design (including engineering systems)
  • Calculation and approval of estimates for the construction and production of a house kit
  • Signing a single contract
  • Installation of communications and windows at the request of the customer
  • Acceptance of the finished house
  • The warranty is 50 years. Production and construction in one hand, all complaints are resolved by one call.

“With own hands”

  • Design (do not forget - design project for electrical wiring, mortgages for communications);
  • Signing a contract with a contractor for pouring the foundation for a house kit (do not forget mortgages for communications, take into account geology);
  • Foundation acceptance – about 25 control points in accordance with building codes, which must be checked during the work;
  • Signing a contract for the production of a house kit;
  • Signing of a contract with a transport company for the delivery of a house kit to the location;
  • Signing a contract with a contractor (one or more) for the assembly of a house kit and installation of a roof;
  • Acceptance at all stages and transfer from contractor to contractor. About 90 control points and hidden stages in accordance with building codes and GOST, which must be checked;
  • Signing of a contract with a contractor for the installation of communications (section heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage);
  • Acceptance of communications;
  • Signing of a contract with a contractor for electrical wiring, low current systems;
  • Electrical acceptance;
  • Think over the design and constructive of the elements of exterior and interior decoration. Otherwise, workers will do what is easier for them, and this is not always beautiful;
  • Signing a contract with contractors for exterior and interior decoration, installation of windows and doors;
  • Calculate the material (then order it yourself or check the order with the contractor);
  • Acceptance of exterior and interior decoration, installed windows and doors;
  • The need to inspect personally all contractors takes a lot of time and effort, and, as a result, slows down the entire construction.
  • There is no warranty! There is only a warranty for the lumber from ZAVDOZ. You, as the organizer, are responsible for all types of work, including damage of material.

How much does it cost to build with ZAVDOZ?

There are no typical house prices

Their cost is influenced by the thickness and grade of the timber, the type of foundation, the material of the roof, a set of construction services and many, many more different nuances that make houses from the same picture completely different in terms of operational properties. At the same time, the turnkey marketing price per m2 is only a figure that is often far from reality.

When building with ZAVDOZ, the cost of all stages:

  • It is fixed at the signing of the contract
  • It is divided in a ratio of 70/30. Each stage of the work is paid separately, prepayment at each stage is 70% and 30% at the time of acceptance of the work by the customer.

The price of the house includes

The price of the project

Production of a house kit

the foundation

Wall mounting

Roof installation


Laying of communications


Additional works at the request of the customer

Your actions to determine the final cost of the house


If there is only an idea

Choose a project from our database or order an individual one “for yourself”. A summary estimate can be calculated based on the project.


If there is a project

Order an estimate from us. If we drew the project, we will make a summary estimate - calculation of the cost of the house, taking into account several options for complete sets within one project. After receiving the summary estimate, you will be able to accept one of the options or choose others with your manager.


If there is a project and an estimate for another company

Check the finished estimate for the presence of markups. Send it to us and we will calculate the real cost of construction of your house.

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