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A house with a perspective

Start building a house now and easily expand it in the future. For you, we have developed a unique project of a "growing" single-storey house with a basic layout*, which you can build yourself on your location, and later add an extension and increase the area. In turn, we will provide all the necessary materials, attach detailed instructions and provide information support at all stages of construction.





What is included in the order?

  • a set of glulam walls
  • rafter system
  • components for the assembly of walls and roofs
  • instructions for building a house
  • manager's consultations

*The basic layout suggests the possibility of increasing the living area, as well as adding additional spaces for pastime and relaxation, for example, a guest area or a sauna.

Why is a house with a perspective profitable?

  • efficient layout, that allows you to maximize the use of useful space
  • easy to assemble, thanks to which you can save time and money
  • environmentally friendly materials, that ensure high energy efficiency and low heat loss
  • a variety of expansion options, which helps to easily increase the area of the house

Take care of your comfort right now and don't worry about it in the future!

You can find out more information and see all the layout options on the website — dom-perspektiva.ru

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